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This kit is intended to help children understand and use pronouns (e.g. he, she, they, his, hers, theirs).

Pronouns carry a tremendous amount of information in our communication exchanges yet are often challenging for children to master.  Difficulty with pronouns can impact a child’s ability to comprehend instructions, sentences, stories and conversations and make it difficult for them to express themselves concisely and clearly. 

Most pronouns are expected to be mastered between the ages of 4-5 but this is not always the case especially with children exhibiting language delays which is why we made this kit!

  • To learn more about when pronouns typically develop click here

Like all of our kits, the picture cards are divided into 3 levels of difficulty so you can start where the child can be successful and grow from there one small step at a time: 

Level 1 - The sentences contain 1 pronoun.  
Level 2 - The sentences contain 2 pronouns.
Level 3 - The sentences contain 3 or more pronouns.

    This kit also introduces a vocabulary building activity called “parts to the whole”.  Each of the 10 food items comes apart and goes back together so the child can practice naming the small parts that make up a whole like: peas & pod, corn cob & husk, banana & peel.  Then use our worksheets for more practice.

    The other wonderful thing about this kit, is that it is perfect for pretend play.  During this type of play, you will find lots of opportunities to model and highlight the use of pronouns in a fun and meaningful way.  You will also be able to correct or coach them in their use of pronouns if need be. 

    Children learn best through play so let the games begin! 

    See it in action!

    Watch & learn all about this pronoun powerhouse kit!

    Hands-on Language Learning Kit -People, Places & Things Pronoun Understanding and Using Activity for Kids.People, Places & Things