Practice Makes Perfect

After you go through the guided picture cards, try some of these extension activities with the items in the kit to help generalize the use of pronouns:

  1. Sentence Formulation.  Pick one of the figurines and an item from the kit.  Then make up a sentence with name of the item and the correct pronoun. For example, if you pick the girl and the dog your sentence could be: she has a dog, the dog is hers, she is taking the dog for a walk, etc..
  1. Story telling.  Use the figurines and as many items in the kit as you like to tell a simple story or sequence of events while using the correct pronouns.
  1. Pretend play.  Engage the child in imaginative play with all the items in the kit.  Stress the pronouns when you talk and provide a model for them to imitate if they make a pronoun error.