Parts to the Whole

Vocabulary building activities help children make connections between words to promote better comprehension, storage and use.  One way to show children how words can be connected is to talk about the parts that make up a whole.  

The irresistible food items in this kit make it fun to practice naming the parts to the whole because each one comes apart and goes back together again.  We put learning right into their little hands

Pull the food items apart and practice these words:

Peas & pod

Corn cob & husk

Ice cream & cone

Carrot & top (also known as fronds)

Banana & peel

Hot dog & bun, lettuce

Hamburger & bun, lettuce

French fries & carton

Donut & strawberry icing

Donut & chocolate icing

Parts to the Whole

We have created 4 worksheets (2 household items and 2 animal parts) that you can download for FREE!

Download the worksheets