The Perfect Speech and Language Therapy Material

Hey SLPs, are you looking for the perfect grab and go activity you can use to target ANY speech and language goal?  Something that is guided yet flexible?  Something that children will beg for time and time again?  Something that will engage all their sense in the learning process?  And best of all, something that fits into one bag so you only have to make one trip to your car?  Well look no further because we have exactly what you need right here, right now!

Our speech and language learning kits were carefully crafted by an SLP with 30 years experience working directly with children of all ages and abilities.  The irresistible items and high quality picture cards were designed to target the most common communication difficulties in children ages 3+ including:

  • vocabulary development
  • understanding instructional language
  • comprehending sentences
  • use of grammar
  • auditory memory
  • social communication
  • early literacy 
  • problem solving
  • verbal reasoning
  • fluency
  • story telling
  • WH questions
  • speech production
  • English language learners

With a little experience and creativity, you will be able to use these kits to work on any goal with any child.  Learn how to sub-step to make them easier and super-step to make them harder here.

Spend your time playing instead of prepping!

  • Bears & Chairs

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    Bears & Chairs
  • Touch & Talk

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    Touch & Talk
  • Super Sentences

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    Super Sentences
  • The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

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    The Whole Kit & Kaboodle