In, Out & All About

This kit is intended to help children understand and formulate sentences. 

The majority of our communication exchanges are in sentence form - it's how we express our thoughts, feelings, and engage in meaningful conversations with others. 

This kit continues to target key position words and you will find one in every sentence.  You can use the items in the kit to begin to categorize and find opposite pairs which is an important vocabulary building activity.  Download our worksheets to get started and then see if you and the child can find new opposite pairs and ways to group the items.

  • To learn more about expressive vocabulary development in children click here

Like all of our kits, the picture cards are divided into 3 levels of difficulty that increase by one piece of information at a time:

Level 1 - The sentences contain 3 critical pieces of information.
Level 2 - The sentences contain 4 critical pieces of information.
Level 3 - The sentences contain 5 or more critical pieces of information.

    Step by step, the child is challenged to pay attention to more details when they are the listener and to include more details when they are the speaker. 

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    Hands-on Language Learning Kit - In, Out & All About - Sentence Comprehension and Construction Activity for Kids.In, Out & All About