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  • Hands-on Language Learning Kit -People, Places & Things Pronoun Understanding and Using Activity for Kids.
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People, Places & Things

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This kit contains 26 high-interest objects and 60 picture cards divided into 3 levels of difficulty.

Help children ages 3 and up:

  • Understand sentences that contain pronouns

  • Formulate sentences with pronouns

  • Expand vocabulary

  • Increase auditory memory

  • Practice social communication skills

This kit is designed to help children understand and use pronouns such as “he”, “she” and “they”. Pronouns carry a tremendous amount of information in our communication exchanges but are often difficult for children to master.

Children will have a ton of fun practicing pronouns as they touch and move adorable little dolls around with other enticing objects.  Use the guided picture cards as a focused teaching activity and then let loose with some unstructured pretend play while continuing to highlight the use of pronouns.

We play right into their little hands!