Bears & Chair

The Bears & Chair kit is intended to help children improve their ability to understand and give instructions in two ways: 

1. By targeting the following words that are frequently used in instructions yet often difficult for children to master:  

    Position words - on, under, behind, beside and in front

   To learn more about when position words typically develop  click here

    Quantity words - single, couple, few, all and all except

2. By helping children understand and give instructions that increase by one small piece of information at a time. For this reason, the picture cards are divided into 3 levels of difficulty that increase by one important word at a time:

        Level 1 - Instructions contain 2 pieces of information:
                         colour + position

        Level 2 - Instructions contain 3 pieces of information
                         size + colour + position

        Level 3 - Instructions contain 4-5 pieces of information
                         size + colour + position + quantity


         Children can grow one small step at time!



    See it in Action

    Learn all about this small but mighty kit from Connie, Creator and SLP at Communakit

    Hands-on Language Learning Kit -  Bears & Chair Instruction Following and Giving Activity for Kids.Bears & Chair