Learn All About Bears & Chairs

A small but mighty kit that packs a punch when it come to practicing instructional language with kids.  It has enough items to be interesting but not overwhelming - sometimes less is more.

Kids get to move cute little bears around two chairs as they learn early basic concept vocabulary.  Colour, size, location, and time words are the name of the game in this kit keeping the focus small yet far reaching.

The basic concept words become part of instructions which are stated in short and predictable sentence forms - great for kids just starting to combine words together.

Three levels of difficulty allow you to start where a child can experience success and grow from there one small step at a time as each level increases by one critical piece of information at a time:

Level 1 Green Cards - Instructions contain 2 pieces of information.

Level 2 Yellow Cards - Instructions contain 3 pieces of information.

Level 3 Blue Cards - Instructions contain 4 pieces of information.

Children will also be stretching and strengthening their short- term auditory memory skills as they try to remember what they heard long enough to arrange the objects accordingly.

The bonus level helps kids learn the time words first, then, and last in a 3-part sequence activity. 

Fun, functional, flexible, foundational.

Video explainer from the creator.