Learn All About Super Sentences

Learn and grow with Liz and Leo as they interact with delightful everyday objects! 

This kit is designed to help children speak in complete, grammatically correct sentences with a particular focus on understanding and using pronouns.

Pronouns carry a tremendous amount of information in our communication exchanges yet are often challenging for children to master.  Difficulty with pronouns can impact a child’s ability to comprehend instructions, sentences, stories and conversations and make it difficult for them to express themselves concisely and clearly. 

Most pronouns are expected to be mastered between the ages of 4-5 but this is not always the case especially with children exhibiting language delays which is why we made this kit!

To learn more about when pronouns typically develop click here

The picture cards are divided into 3 levels of difficulty so you can start where the child can be successful and grow from there one small step at a time: 

Level 1 - Light Green - sentences contain 1 "he" pronoun.
Level 1 - Dark Green - sentences contain 1 "she" pronoun.
Level 2 - Yellow - sentences contain 1 "they" pronoun.
Level 3 - Blue - sentences contain 2 pronouns.

Children will also be stretching and strengthening their short- term auditory memory skills as they try to remember what they heard long enough to arrange the objects accordingly.

The Bonus Level is all about story telling.  Each heart warming story features Liz and Leo in a 4-part picture card sequence.  A 5th card provides suggestions to probe children's story comprehension and story telling skills - two must haves for early literacy development.

Pretend play is a natural extension of this kit. It won't take long for children to start imagining all kinds of interesting scenarios with the adorable figurines and their everyday items.  Get in on the action and model how to use language to describe, negotiate, problem solve and story tell. 

Let the games begin! 


Video explainer from the creator.