Super Sentences Resources

Item Checklist

Use this checklist as a quick receptive and expressive vocabulary activity. Before you begin to play, ask the child to "find" everything you name from the list - this will tell you if they know the specific names of everything in the kit (receptive vocabulary). At the end of the game, ask the child to take the checklist and name everything for you to "find" and put away - this will tell you how well they can name everything in the kit
(expressive vocabulary). This is alos a great way to make sure that nothing gets lost.


Parts-to-the-whole Worksheets

Helping children name parts of a whole is a great way to build vocabulary networks. The fun begins with the some of the items in this kit (banana/peel, corn/husk, ice cream/cone). Once you've explored all of the real objects, take it to the next level with these extension worksheets. Practice naming
everything and connecting the "parts" with the "whole". Go
even further, by naming more parts of a whole - for example, a coat also has sleeves, pockets and maybe a hood.


Data Sheets

Download the individual and classroom data sheets so that you can keep track of progress and identify challenging concepts.