Inclusion Biggar

Our partnership with Inclusion Biggar is definitely a story worth sharing. 

From the very beginning we have wanted to source the items in our kits closer to home. We reached out to several woodworkers to inquire about creating custom wooden pieces for the kits but no one was able to take on a project of this scale.

The stars finally aligned for us when Connie’s cousin, Connie Anderson, with Inclusion Saskatchewan reached out to us with some very good news. 

Inclusion Biggar had been successful in their grant application for a CNC router machine.  President of Inclusion Biggar, Andrew Bennet, felt that if they could get this equipment the work would follow and he was right! 

Connie quickly connected us to Andrew and we all agreed that this was a project worth exploring.  It just so happens that Andrew is an engineer and has his own firm in Biggar which was one of the key factors in bringing our vision to life! Andrew and his team came up with some brilliant and beautiful designs for the buildings, beds and table in our Super Sentences Kit. They also created the 5 shapes that are in our Touch & Talk Kit as well as a customer barrier stand. 

This project has created part-time work for 3 adults with an intellectual disability, which is amazing all on its own. What we didn’t expect was the social-emotional impact this project would have on all involved. Confidence levels are up and social skills are being reactivated after covid. We went to meet the team in September and the sense of community in that workshop was overwhelming.  The workers felt a true sense of purpose knowing that the items they made would be used to help children that are facing some of the same challenges they faced as kids. 

This entire experience has filled our hearts with so much gratitude and we hope this is a relationship that grows for many, many years to come! 

We cannot thank all those who have made this possible through countless hours of volunteering. If you own a business we suggest looking into your local or provincial Inclusion branch and exploring the opportunity to work with these incredible people.