First you learn language and then you use language to learn.

Educators know that a student’s speech and language skills are likely to impact their ability to learn the academic curriculum.  Students who have strong communication skills often find it easier to:

  • Understand the instructional language used in the classroom
  • Learn new words quickly
  • Express their needs, emotions, and thoughts
  • Use language to imagine and problem solve
  • Understand and tell stories
  • Read and write
  • Develop peer relationships
  • Be understood by others (speech intelligibility) 

The early years are the best years to focus on facilitating children's speech and language development because this is the window of time when their brains are ready and waiting for this type of "wiring" to happen.  Our speech and language learning kits provide educators with a fully guided, hands-on activity that was specifically designed to teach language itself in a fun and meaningful way. 

The kits are designed to target the most common childhood speech and language difficulties and are intended to help students hone their skills in the following areas:

  • Vocabulary development
  • Language comprehension
  • Language processing
  • Auditory/verbal memory
  • Sentence construction
  • Social communication
  • Speech production
  • Early literacy

10 reasons why our kits are the perfect educational resource for child-based programs including:  preschools, Montessori  programs, ELL programs, kindergartens, special education and the early grades:

1.  They are filled with objects that capture children's attention and create a multisensory language learning experience. 

2.  The 3 levels of difficulty and a bonus activity make it easy to use with a wide range of students. 

3.  The picture cards allow children to practice both their receptive and expressive language skills in a seamless, systematic, and sequential manner.

4.  The suggested sentences target important language concepts that many children have difficulty mastering.  

5.  The kits can be used one-one, in a small group, or as a whole class activity (depending on the number of students).

6.  Teachers can assign EAs or parent volunteers to use the kits with students.

7.  Ready-made data sheets help you evaluate and monitor student progress.

8.  The kits can be used with English Language Learners.

9.  Each kit comes with extension ideas.

10. Our kits making learning, and teaching, FUN. 

Simply open the box and let the games begin!



  • Bears & Chairs

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    Bears & Chairs
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    Touch & Talk
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    Super Sentences
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    The Whole Kit & Kaboodle