Fully-guided and ready-to-go language kits give teachers the tools they need to help students succeed!

Educators understand the significant impact that communication skills have on academic success. Well-developed speech and language abilities are the the cornerstone for learning and literacy.  Students thrive when they can:

  • Understand instructions
  • Acquire new vocabulary 
  • Express their needs, emotions, and thoughts effectively
  • Use language to think, imagine, and problem-solve
  • Comprehend and narrate stories
  • Develop phonological awareness
  • Learn to read and write
  • Establish and nurture friendships

Our Speech & Language Learning Kits are engaging, interactive, and multisensory activates intended to make language acquisition meaningful and memorable.

The picture cards highlight fundamental areas of early language development so teachers can confidently target the skills essential for student success such as:

  1. Enriching vocabulary
  2. Utilizing instructional language
  3. Comprehending and constructing sentences
  4. Processing language
  5. Engaging verbal working memory
  6. Enhancing social communication skills
  7. Facilitating reading and writing readiness

Be sure to explore the extension activities available under the "Free Resources" tab for additional ways to maximize the use of each kit.

The learning never ends; simply open the box and let the games begin!

Watch this in-depth training video and teach language like a pro!

  • Krista Ketsa

    Communakits were one of the best purchases our school has ever made. The students love them, whether working with our SLP Aide or with a teacher or TA in the classroom. They are hands-on, and engaging for the students. We have been using these kits for several years and they have all stood the test of time and small hands. I would recommend these kits to any school.

  • Ashley Barrington

    I purchased these at the Greater Edmonton Teacher's Convention, with the idea being that they could help a few students in my classroom. I use them ALL the time. These are not only a great addition to help students work on IPP goals in a fun, interactive way, but I often use them to engage social interactions with peers. All the students like working with the kits and "helping" their peers. The kits make great story starters and it is amazing how many literature connections you can make with these cute, simple objects (eg. bears - Goldilocks and the Three Bears for a Fairy Tale unit, retelling, etc.). Love, love, love these! I strongly recommend them.

  • Grace MacLellan

    We purchased the Communakit as a tool for everyone of our preschool and Kindergarten classrooms to use to enhance and support programming of the SLPs or practice in between therapy sessions. We have had great feedback from school teams and have had other grade levels and parents want access to the kits. I could not have been happier with the results of the communakits when they arrived as their product is of the highest quality, and their commitment to getting it right everytime is admirable. Connie have always ensured that we have what we need to implement use of the kits while ensuring the integrity of her practice is clearly aligned in her vision for her business. Yes it is her business, but it is so much more than that to her. It is her passion and you can feel that with every interaction with her. Would recommend 5 Stars*****

  • Bears & Chairs

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    Bears & Chairs
  • Touch & Talk

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    Touch & Talk
  • Super Sentences

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    Super Sentences
  • The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

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    The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

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