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First you learn language and then you use language to learn.

Educators know that students who have strong communication skills will find it easier to:

  • Understand the instructional language used in the classroom
  • Learn new words quickly
  • Express their needs, emotions, and thoughts
  • Use language to imagine and problem solve
  • Understand and tell stories
  • Read and write
  • Develop peer relationships
  • Be understood by others (speech intelligibility)

Our speech and language learning kits provide educators with a fully guided, multisensory activity that was specifically designed to teach language itself in a fun and meaningful way. 

The kits are designed to target the most common childhood speech and language difficulties helping students strengthen their communication skills in the following areas:

  • Vocabulary development
  • Language comprehension
  • Language processing
  • Auditory/verbal memory
  • Sentence construction
  • Social communication
  • Speech production
  • Early literacy

 Simply open the box and let the games begin! 

  • Bears & Chairs

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    Bears & Chairs
  • Touch & Talk

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    Touch & Talk
  • Super Sentences

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    Super Sentences
  • The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

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    The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

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