Touch & Talk

Hands-on learning never felt so good! 

Kids will love touching, moving, and exploring the irresistible objects in this kit making basic concept words a breeze to teach.  Soft, sticky, shiny, smooth, and bumpy are only a few of the words you can help them learn while they explore the objects - all you have to do is model the words that match their sensory experience.  Let their hands lead the way.

Then, take things to the next level with the leveled picture cards. Children practice comprehending and constructing descriptive sentences that contain one position word and one or more basic concept words.  The sentences get longer one step (one piece of information) at a time.

Level 1 - Green Cards - Sentences contain 3 pieces of information.
Level 2 - Yellow Cards - Sentences contain 4 pieces of information.
Level 3 - Blue Cards - Sentences contain 5-6 pieces of information.

Children will also be stretching and strengthening their short- term auditory memory skills as they try to remember what they heard long enough to arrange the objects accordingly.

The Bonus Level is all about grouping things and using category labels.  This is one of the best ways to help children develop strong vocabulary skills.  

But wait, there's more!  The fifteen /s/ blend words like snake, star and spider in this kit make it possible to help children master /s/ blends as through play and practice.

The fun (and learning) never ends!

Touch & Talk