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The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

"The kits were one of the best purchases our school has ever made. The students love them, whether working with our SLP Aide or with a teacher or TA in the classroom. They are hands-on, and engaging for the students. We have been using these kits for several years and they have all stood the test of time and small hands. I would recommend these kits to any school" - Krista Ketsa - Special Ed. Coordinatoor, Saddle Lake Cree Nation

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Introducing "The Whole Kit & Kaboodle," an essential educational bundle tailored for schools, designed to enrich language and communication skills across diverse learning settings. This comprehensive program integrates three key learning kits:

  • Bears & Chairs:

    • Interactive learning with colorful bears and chairs.
    • Focuses on directions, colors, sizes, spatial concepts, and sentence structure.
    • Enhances understanding of /r/ and /ch/ sounds in a playful manner.


  • Touch & Talk:

    • Sensory exploration with varied textures (soft, smooth, sticky, etc.).
    • Teaches basic concept words, encourages full sentences, and builds vocabulary.
    • Strengthens social communication skills and supports social responsibility initiatives.


  • Super Sentences:

    • Creative storytelling and pretend play with figurines.
    • Masters grammar, pronouns, grammatical markers, and longer sentences.
    • Promotes storytelling, problem-solving, and social language skills.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive approach to teaching oral communication skills.
  • Staff training videos and see-it-in-action videos support the use of the kits and allow for anyone to use them like an expert.
  • Free Resources created by an SLP will stretch the learning opportunities.
  • Save $22 by bundling all three kits together!

"The Whole Kit & Kaboodle" is not just a set of tools; it's a strategic investment in your students' ability to communicate, think critically, and express themselves. Equip your school with this bundle to support a vibrant learning environment and a future of confident communicators.