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Bears & Chairs

"The kits have been such a well-received resource for our teachers and our students. Having something that doesn't require any preparation, and that is so flexible to meet the needs of a variety of students has been so beneficial." - Brooklyn Ryan ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Fully Guided For You:

45 picture cards are organized into 3 levels of increasing difficulty. It is the cards that will guide your practice and scaffold the language so that you can meet children where they’re at and grow from there!

Easy Acquisition of Early Basic Concepts:

Repetitive practice of position, colour, size, and quantity words will help children master early concepts that are essential for academic success.

Extension Activity to Target Time Words in Sequences:

Run through 5 different 3-part sequences as a meaningful way to practice time words first, then, last! Add in time words before and after through reflective questioning.

How to use receptively (listening)

First you're the speaker. Pick up a card and read the sentence at the top. Then the child will arrange the objects to show their understanding. Reveal the card and together compare the image to the arrangement. If it matches, yay! if not, this is your teaching moment.

How to use expressively (speaking)

We have checklists, data sheets and extension activities that you can download and use for free!

Easily use in a group

Have 4-6 students sit around a table. Place the objects in a tray or container that can easily be passed around. Everyone takes turns being the listener and speaker. This makes a really great "buddy class" activity where the older students can be supporting the younger ones!

Free resources

We have checklists, data sheets, visual support boards and extension activities that you can download and use for free!


Shipping timelines

Your order will be shipped within 24hrs. Tracking information will be sent via email. We are located in Alberta, Canada so shipping to the US can take 8-10 business days. If you have custom shipping requests or have not received your order reach out to and we will take care of you!

Free resources

We have checklists, data sheets and extension activities that you can download and use for free!

Which kits fits?

All the kits are intended for children ages 3 and up. They each have different language targets. Learn more about those here:

Bears & Chairs

Touch & Talk

Super Sentences

What if I loose something?

We've got you covered! Email with the missing object and shipping address and we will send out a replacement. No questions, no charges!

  • No Prep or Planning

    This is a ready-to-go language activity. The picture cards are the "secret sauce" to our kits and will be your guide to teaching receptive and expressive language skills.

  • Fun and Flexible

    Use the kits one-one for targeted therapy, as a small-group table activity or even adapt for whole class instruction. Older students can run the activity with younger learners!

  • Staff Training

    Easily access a comprehensive staff training video at anytime for free. In-person and virtual training is also an option, email with custom training enquires.

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